Gifts To Give The Biker In Your Life To Keep Him Safe

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Gifts To Give The Biker In Your Life To Keep Him Safe

13 August 2019
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Do you have a man in your life that loves to ride motorcycles? Are you constantly looking for great gift ideas for this man? Well, fortunately, when you know a guy loves motorcycles, the list of possible gifts is endless. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you pick up the motorcycle apparel that will improve his riding experiences and help keep him safe as he's out on the roads.

Leather Up!

A lot of people don't realize that the leather apparel that bikers wear isn't just for looks – that leather is worn to keep the skin on the body as the body slides down the road after a crash. One thing that every rider of every level should have is a quality leather jacket. Yes, you can pick them up fairly cheap, but the cheaper options are typically made of a thinner leather that won't hold up well to road-rash.

If the biker in your life loves speed, hasn't been riding long or just isn't a safe rider, consider upgrading the basic leather jacket to one with built-in armor. The armor plates are typically located on the shoulders, back and elbows, and are designed to take the impact during a crash while protecting the bones and skin of the rider.

Glove Up!

Again, riders don't wear gloves because they look good – they wear them because if you crash, the first thing that your instincts will tell you to do is to put your hands down to catch yourself from the fall – this will result in several layers of skin being lost.

Another reason for wearing gloves is to protect from the flying debris that smacks into the knuckles while riding. These high-speed bugs, rocks and other debris will cause quite the bruise and can cause a crash if the rider isn't prepared for the impact.

Boots On!

The boots that the rider wears should always support the ankle, have plenty of traction and it's a good idea to choose steel toe boots for riding. Many riders have had the unfortunate experience of getting their foot caught on something while riding – or having their foot run over by another driver – or the bike could fall onto the foot – so many things can happen to a rider's foot during even the safest ride – boots will help protect the feet and ankles.

There is so much motorcycle apparel to invest in. The good news is that it lasts quite a while before it will need to be replaced. Get shopping today to find the perfect gift for the biker in your life. To learn more, contact a company like Lubbock Custom Motorcycles