Is An Aluminum Fishing Boat Right For You?

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Is An Aluminum Fishing Boat Right For You?

23 January 2019
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If you are in the market for a new recreational fishing boat, hull material is one of the first decisions you will need to make. Should you choose fiberglass? What about steel or wood? There are advantages and disadvantages to each material, and each one will affect both the upfront cost of the boat and your long-term maintenance costs. One excellent but often overlooked option is for an aluminum-hulled boat. These crafts offer many advantages, which may make them perfectly suited for your needs and budget.

Low Initial Cost

Aluminum boats offer great cost-saving advantages over fiberglass-hulled crafts. In the past, cheaper aluminum hulls often looked the part, but modern techniques mean that you don't have to sacrifice cosmetics for budget. Painting an aluminum-hulled boat can be somewhat more difficult than with fiberglass, but the end result is worth it.

Low Maintenance Costs

Aluminum is incredibly tough and durable, which means lower maintenance costs over the long term. Cleaning is necessary since salt water will still eventually corrode it, but it otherwise requires very little in the way of maintenance and care. Since aluminum is such a strong material, you also don't need to worry nearly as much about damage that might be incurred from bad launches, sandbars, or other hazards. In the event that the hull does suffer damage more serious than a dent, aluminum can usually be repaired by welding.

Lighter Weight

Although aluminum hulls are not necessarily as light as wood-hulled boats, they are significantly lighter than fiberglass alternatives. This has obvious advantages if you will be transporting your boat to and from the launch, since your towing requirements will be that much lower. Lighter boats also make for easier launches and easier loading onto the trailer at the end of the day.

Even better, reducing the overall weight of the boat means that you need less power to drive it. This makes for a more responsive craft even when using a smaller, more fuel-efficient engine.

Lots of Options

As aluminum has become more popular, the number of available options has drastically increased. It is likely that an aluminum-hulled boat is available no matter what your particular needs happen to be. If you looked at aluminum in the past and found the number of options to be underwhelming, it is time to take another look. You can find everything from bass boats to center-console bay boats to large aluminum walkarounds, generally for prices that are much lower than equivalent fiberglass alternatives.

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