Maximum Performance With Direct Oversight - Maintaining Your Outboard Motor Propeller

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Maximum Performance With Direct Oversight - Maintaining Your Outboard Motor Propeller

7 July 2017
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An old adage claims that the two best days in the life of a boat owner are the day the boat is bought and the day the boat is sold. If you believe that that's true, then you may not have made the proper commitment to maintenance tasks which can help guarantee long term performance.

Your boat's outboard propeller is likely to be subjected to extreme forces and difficult conditions that can leave you struggling to maintain the shape it's in. Below, you'll find a guide to some maintenance tips that should help guarantee you're able to get the highest possible level of performance and lock in an extended usage life.

Blade Straightening

One of the biggest risks for any boat is debris that may be lurking under the surface of the water. Given that your propeller is operating at extremely high speeds in this precarious position, it stands to reason that your blades may occasionally make contact with both natural and junk items that can threaten to cause serious damage.

Monitoring the shape of your propeller blades is the best way to detect and then correct damage. Straightening the blades back to their normal state is vital, as an irregular shape may break up the flow of water over the propeller and cause unusual vibrations which may reverberate throughout the engine.

Power Efficiency

Balancing your desire for high performance with the struggle of overcoming the forces of the water can be a difficult task. It's important to remember that water has an incredibly high surface tension, making it naturally resistant to the action of your propeller pulling through the current. 

While your outboard motor might be rated for extreme power situations, it's often best to operate it just below that threshold. That can help guarantee that your propeller isn't left struggling to progress through the water, sparing it from both surface and mechanical damage.

Thorough Cleaning

Most bodies of water are homes to countless microorganisms, plants, and other living creatures which are unlikely to do much benefit to your propeller blades. While your equipment is specifically engineered to repel some of these threats, it's still vital that you take the time to clean away any which may linger. Once your boat is up on the lift and out of the water, take the time to thoroughly treat your blades and drive shaft with clean water and a cleaning solution that's designed to keep the surface as clear as possible. Contact a boat shop, like The  Prop Shop, for more help.