Choosing Speciality Tires for Your UTV

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Choosing Speciality Tires for Your UTV

9 March 2017
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If you want to start looking at UTVs to buy, then you should know that utility task vehicles can be used in a wide variety of different conditions. Basically, the vehicles are made for performance when off-roading or when racing around a track or an icy yard. If you want performance based on your specific needs or if you want an all around vehicle that can work almost anywhere, then you should speak to a dealer or UTV specialist. One thing they can help you with is choosing the right tires for the UTV. There are many different varieties that have both positives and negatives to consider.

Mud Tires

Mud tires are often a necessity for individuals who enjoying going off-roading in muddy terrain. Mudding is a pastime that you may enjoy greatly. However, you also may require the UTV for utility purposes, and mud tires may be a requirement to make sure you have the grip you need. Gripping is essential in muddy terrain because a slipping tire can dig your UTV deep into the earth. 

Mud tires come equipped with a specific lug with a pattern tread that makes good contact with the earth. The lug is often angled with thin bars across the pattern and relatively large spaces in between each lug. As the widely spaced lug makes contact with the ground, it grips while the mud and water is forced through the spaces of the tread. 

While mud tires do well to prevent slipping issues, only a small amount of the tire makes contact with the ground. This can lead to tipping of the UTV if the vehicle is used under fast and unsafe conditions. This means that the tires should be added only when you know that you will come into contact with mud. Also, to prevent rollovers, you may want to add weight, like water, to the tires themselves. Ask for the addition of water weight when you purchase the UTV or the tires to weigh down the UTV.

Sand Tires

If you like to race, jump dunes, or go for joy rides on the beach, then sand tires may be the best idea for you. These tires work with the sand, so sand particles won't simply shift under the tires and reduce your grip. Knobby tires are a good choice. Look for ones with a staggered knobby pattern or with studs that slide into the sand and push against it. 

You can purchase dedicated sand tires, and they typically work well with low air pressure. Look on the sides of the tires to see what the pressure requirements are. Dirt tires are another option that you can choose from. If you choose these tires, add a little less air than is required to help the tires move through the sand.

The downside to the sand tires is the fact that you may see more wear and tear when using them due to the lower tire pressure. This means they may need to be replaced more often.